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'Chat Guide' for the best Pakistani Flash Chat room  pakistani chat rooms

Chat rooms:

'Chat Guide' for the best south Asian java chat, Flash Chat
Chat Guide for getting started:
FAQ and guide for using Chat room Most of chat rooms on are running on java software and are provided by Para chat.
Why does the browser ask me that the web page needs 'Java Plug-in' to work properly?
To 'Login' the chat room:
To start chatting, input a user name of your choice, and click Connect. Your user name must be unique from other user names that are logged into the chat room. If you are required to enter a password, a pop-up window will appear where you can enter your room or user password. Some rooms may require registration. To chat on it's not obligatory to register the username or sign up anywhere. Chat is permissible on all rooms without registration whatsoever. 
Error Code JN763:
If you are getting an ‘Error Code JN763’ Your IP address has been banned by the admin of the room that you are attempting to access. For information about why your IP address has been banned, you can sent us a mail with a mention of your ip address and reason why your IP was banned. An Admin, who have the right to block & unblock the user IP, moderates the chat room that you are attempting to join.
How do I register a user name:
If you would like to register a user name and password for Girls Power Chat Room, CLICK HERE. Most rooms do not require registration. 
Main Chat Window:
On the left there is main chat window with a stream of messages being posted by some of the users of the chat room. Chat messages posted by all users are displayed in the main chat window. To add to the conversation, type a message into the text input box located below the main chat window, and click on the Send button (or hit the Enter key on your keyboard). All logged in users can see this message.
Private Chat:
You can send a private chat message to any user in a room. To send a private message to a visitor, double click or right-click on the visitor's name from within the User List, and select Private Chat. You will see a new window display through which you may chat with that user privately, one-to-one. It is up to the user at receiving end to either reply or ignore your message. It is possible to open multiple private conversations simultaneously with other users at the same time.
Video Chat and Voice Chat: Pakistani Chat room is also have voice chat functionality. in Chat room You Can Voice Chat With Your Friends In Chat room.
Ignore a user:
You can ignore any visitor in a room so that their chat text does not display in your own chat window, or to block their private chat requests. To ignore a user, right-clicka user's name from within the User List, and select Ignore. Any ignored user will appear to be "grayed out" in the User List. To unignore a user, right-click a user's name from within the User List, and select Unignore.  You may ignore as many people as you wish. 
Ignore Private Messages
You may choose to ignore all private message requests from under the Options menu. Or, when a private chat request is initiated, you may click on the Ignore checkbox under the Action menu to block other private message requests from that user.
If you wish to BOLD your messages in the main chat window.
If you wish to Italicize your messages in the main chat window.
If you wish to change the color of your messages in the main chat window.
Our chat rooms run on Java and Flash. If this is your first time visiting you might not have these plugins installed on your computer. It’s perfectly safe to install these plugins. Not only will it enable you to use our chat rooms but it will also enable you to experience functionality across the World Wide Web which use either of these browser plugins. If You Don't have java Application You Can just Download Java Application Click Here To Download Java
If You Don't Have java And Don't Want to Download Java For Chatroom No problem You Can Just Sign in Chat room From Flash Chat room Just Open This Link And Sign In Free In Chat room, And if you Want to Use This Chat room from Your Mobile Click Here


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Pakistani Chat room Guide line free chat room girls chat rooms

Welcome to Pakistani chat room guide line help center, if you have any problem in chat room you can contact chat room admin, and also you can send message to direct admin just like pakistani chat room page on facebook its "". Its free chat room just enter any nick name in chat room and join chat free paki chat room.

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