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Emoticons, Smiles & emoticons on for Chat Room


Use of Emotions, Emoticons, Smiles or Smile as they are called is not only fun to use during your session of chat but also enhance the chatting online.
While you message on chat no one can see you. Other chatters cannot see you smiling. Other chatters cannot see you frowning. Other chatters cannot hear you either. Other chatters cannot hear you laughing. She cannot hear the flirtatious tone in your voice.
All of the essential nonverbal communication that takes place when you chat to someone is missing in messages. And, as we all know, more important than what you say often is how you say it. The information encoded in the tone, mimics and gestures is lost.
Using these emotion, smiles serve as amusement value for the end users and don't have much effect in delivering emotional messages.
Standard emotions are generally more effective because they are visually simple and have a direct relation to facial expressions of different kinds.

Here is the list of smiles/emoticons provided by the chat software and can be effectively used in all Pakistani chat rooms.


Keyboard Shortcut





Emoticons: (symbols used to display feeling)

Note: For these little things called "emoticons" Often the idea is to turn your head sideways, and it makes a picture on a lot of the smiley faces. ;-) for example where the ; (semi-colon) are the eyes, the - is the nose, and the ) is the mouth. Also, you see some people use the hyphen (-) to show the nose, while others will show the same expression without the nose. Example: ;-) and ;) signify the same thing Its Use Only On

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This is Pakistani free chat room emotions if you want to join pakistani chat room you can join and here lot of emotions smiles you can use in chat room, this chat is free for every one no need for nick registration or verification.

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